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About Us

Matthews Jewellers was established in Tasmania IN 1872 and has operated at 21 Rooke Street Devonport since the 1920’s by the Matthews family until 2012, when Helen, Michelle and Mark took over ownership.

Together Helen, Michelle and Mark maintained the prestigious name of Matthews Jewellers Devonport.  Their aim continuing to promote excellent customer service and their dedication  to providing the finest quality jewellery. They retained the wonderful staff, which gives a continuous link, but their aim to go forward, modernise, incorporate new ideas and new vision to attract a younger demographic, came to fruition in September 2016.  They relocated to 109 Rooke Street Devonport,  a prime location and more spacious premises.  Michelle’s dream had begun.  They modernised the store, created a unique window display and expanded the business. Helen was retiring but also wanting to be part of something so exciting stayed on so she could finish her career on a high note when retiring in 2017.

They are a member of the national buying group Showcase Jewellers and have access to the best stones and a wide range of designs to suit every style and budget.

They also stock an extensive range of international jewellery and watch brands such as Nomination, NAJO, Seiko, Olivia Burton London and Infinity Rings.

Finally, they love to service the needs of the local community and enjoy assisting their wonderful customers each and every day.

2019 Tasmania-BCA Winner Roundels
2019 Tasmania-BCA Winner Roundels