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Mats Jonasson is a Swedish glass designer internationally recognised for his engraved, lead crystal sculptures of flowers, wildlife and folklore themes that are manufactured at the Målerås glassworks, Sweden.

This brand is synonymous with contemporary creative design whilst reflecting the artisan traditions of glass making.

MATS JONASSON MÅLERÅS uses an exclusive crystal recipe, which picks up the reflected light giving the glass that extra clarity and beauty.

Mats Jonasson glass products use a range of traditional techniques such as casting, glass blowing, hand painting and engraving. The product range produces functional glassware and art glass sculpture.

Mats Jonasson glass is sold internationally and is a collectable work of art. The crystal sculptures are perfect for unique gifts or centrepieces. The themed products are fabulous as a feature collection for your business.

Each item is signed and numbered.

Maleras Polar bears
Maleras Owl
Maleras Pandas
Maleras Sheep
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